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For a very long time, I've been telling “targeted individuals” that they are suffering from a fungal infection of the body and that this infection is the sensitizer that is making them different from the person standing next to them. I've stated that this is the reason they are feeling shocks, vibrations, pains, pricks, twitches, auditory sounds, etc. I've also stated that metals in the body that create a battery out of the human body were in their bodies and at work as well. I knew this. I knew this from making myself the “white rabbit” and experimenting with myself for so long. It wasn't until now that I could make the connection between the fungus, the metals and the sensations that targeted individuals feel and experience. This is the missing link that I have been looking for since I've started researching this. This is the missing information that will shut up and shut down any naysayers that still believe people are following them around with “pocket weapons”, laptop weapons or that the target has been implanted with chips. Again, I don't claim this never happened in the past. I'm claiming that this is completely unnecessary now. After all, the goal of these kinds of operations are to leave as little evidence behind as possible. And this is the pinnacle.

Some years ago, I was messing with a battery powered light. It ran off typical alkaline batteries. It was having an issue staying on so I was opening it up, bending the contact springs, messing with it, putting it back together and repeating. On my last attempt, something bad happened. I was lying on my back felt something liquid on my lower stomach. Then I realized that battery acid was leaking out of one of the cheap batteries at an alarming rate. It started to burn. Immediately, I tore my clothes off and hopped in the shower. It was burning like hell and the acid had run down my stomach and towards my pubic area. I had wiped a little but didn't want to smear it anywhere else. I got in the shower, got it diluted and taken care of. The burning was gone but I noticed something strange when I got out of the shower and got dressed. It was as if my intestines and insides had quit moving. Now, this isn't something you usually notice. You're never really aware that your insides are subtly moving all the time. It's like a low hum in a house. You will get used to this hum and not even hear it. It isn't until after the hum is abruptly turned OFF that you notice it was there. This was the same situation with my intestines and insides. I didn't notice until after the movement was gone. It was a very strange feeling with everything sitting perfectly still. I was concerned because I wasn't sure exactly how long this would last. Eventually, the movment came back to my body..but the battery acid had certainly paralyzed it. At least temporarily. I never forgot this. And recently, I decided to do a little research on the typical Alkaline Battery. That research changed everything for me.

I've had the belief since almost the beginning that the shock sensations, vibrations, pains, pokes, pseudo-burns, etc. that people feel on their skin and bodies has to start from a sensitizer. I believe it is due to the body being polluted / sensitized with a ferromagnetic, RF (radio frequency) sensitive, electro chemical metal of some type. I've referenced Nokia's patent on vibrating tattoo ink many times. This ink is made from a ferromagnetic or electro-sensitive powder such as Iron Oxide. When a person gets a tattoo with such ink, it can be linked to their mobile device. Their skin will then vibrate when they receive a text message or notification. Now, this tattoo ink has to start off as a dust. What if this dust were thrown in someones house? What if the particles were small enough that they could get into the skin? This would allow someone from up to thousands of miles away to make everything in the house (including the person) to shake and vibrate. Eventually, it would wash off the person. But what if some nefarious person was able to design something that would stick to the human skin and/or in the body and continuously create these electro-sensitive chemicals or metals?


Score. A few more of those (pennies), a little aluminum foil and some bleach, you got yourself some volts, sister. Homemade battery.” - Eugene / The Walking Dead

Enter the typical, household, Alkaline Battery. The main ingredient in all these batteries is Manganese Oxide. It reacts with Zinc and creates the electrical power that runs your remote controls, clocks, your sex toys, etc. Well, Manganese Oxide took me on a trip that changed my world and validated what I had been saying about “Targeted Individuals” and their fungal infections all along.

It's been proven that two or more metals like this in the human body create a battery. And here is where things get interesting. For years, I knew there was a missing link between between the metals I knew were in my body and the fungal infection that had taken me over..both internally and externally. When I would detox the heavy metals out of my body, my targeting symptoms would diminish greatly. However, I could not find the puzzle piece that would connect these metals with the fungus. I knew something had to. It was driving me nuts. Finally, I found this missing link while researching the typical alkaline battery. It blew my mind.

As it turns out, a big thing in science right now is using mold and fungus to create alkaline and lithium batteries anywhere. One particular fungus called Acremonium produces Manganese Oxide on and in anything (especially people or animals) and creates a battery. Ironically, this fungus can take the shape of a target or “bullseye” pattern. The exact shape that a lot of targets and other people claim to see in their eyes as “floaters”. Some can see them with the naked eye. Some see them with the help of reflection off of microscopes or jeweler's loupes. Infection from this fungus alone can cause arthritis, osteomyelitis, peritonitis, endocarditis, pneumonia, cerebritis, and subcutaneous infections. It lives in soil and dead plant matter much like sporotrichosis. Once in the body, it is continuously creating Manganese Oxide. Which means it is continuously creating electro-sensitive chemicals.

You don't believe me?

In the Smithsonian, they brag that fungus can make a better Lithium Ion Battery due to the ability of the fungus to produce Manganese Oxide. This particular mold is Neurospora Crassa (which means NERVE SPORE). The Manganese Oxide produced has Electro-Chemical properties. It becomes “bio-mineralized”. To quote the magazine - “ Now, the kicker about all of this is that the Manganese Oxide materials can be used as makeshift electrodes as well.

Some targets and unassuming targets would laugh when I told them that they had a fungal infection. Some were curious. For some people, this infection is practically invisible. It wasn't until breaking up the film on their skin with a handful of Epsom Salt baths that they realized they actually did have this fungal infection on and in their bodies. I was having a hard time connecting the electronic angle of all this with the fungal angle until this discovery. I knew the connection was important but I couldn't connect the pieces until I started researching the alkaline battery and more importantly – the Manganese Oxide in it. All it takes is water. And we are mostly water, after all. Once I researched this, the missing link was connected.

Reference links -

Smithsonian -

Now, if a person's body has been infected with any of these particular fungal strains or a GMO'd fungal strain similar to this and sporotrichosis, the fungus in and on their bodies are continuously creating Manganese Oxide or Lithium Manganese Oxide. This means their bodies are continuously making chemicals that have electrochemical properties. They are batteries. The necessary volts needed to cause the symptoms that people complain of are so little, it's almost undetectable. What does all this mean? It means the fungus I've been talking about for so long is the actual battery, power source and sensitizer for this “electronic harassment”. It also means that the Manganese produced by this fungus can be used as electrodes.

In this image, a scientist demonstrates that bread mold is a better battery as a carbonized, fungal biomass with its Manganese Oxide mineral composites.

If a person becomes poisoned by manganese, the sypmtoms can vary. Many people who are diagnosed with Parkinsons or have Parkinsons symptoms can actually have manganese poisoning.

Here is a list of some of the symptoms of Manganese Poisoning. If someone was hit quickly with a large dose of Manganese from an external source, they could exhibit symptoms such as these.

Symptoms of Manganese poisoning (called Manganism)

exhausted, apathetic, and weak, and may get headaches.

It affects Dopamines in the body

These problems may easily be confused with depression and other illnesses. Some researchers believe that this early stage is reversible. If you are a welder who has been experiencing these early symptoms, you should remove yourself from the source of manganese exposure.

short term memory loss
impaired judgment
slurred speech
hallucinations (visual and auditory)
compulsive, strange behavior of workers in the manganese mines.

involuntary muscle movements
poor coordination
a mask–like, rigid face
and a staggering, strutting gait (walking)

Usually only miners and people who are continuously exposed to this develop this poisoning. People who worked with clays and kilns developed them as well. I'm just adding these symptoms so that the information is out there.

Here, Manganese Ferrites blended with Multi-Walled Carbon Nanotubes as MICROWAVE ABSORBING MATERIALS -

Here, Manganese and Mold used as electrodes -


So, as a Targeted Individual, what does this all mean to you? It means that it is imperative that you continue to cleanse yourself of metals in the body and continue to use antifungals such as Potassium Iodide.

We have fungal infections that are creating the very Radio Frequency / Microwave sensitive chemicals that are used to sensitize and target individuals. These can react to almost any frequencies agencies choose to use. It can be used to “jolt” you or even use you as an antenna. What would normally just wash off over time is being reproduced as the fungal infection spreads.

You may have had this infection much longer than you have had your targeting symptoms. This is because of what I referred to as the “tipping point”. I believe (and believed) that once certain chemicals in your body hit a certain level, you would begin to have these targeting symptoms. I believe now that this chemical is Manganese Oxide.

This explains why some targets produce black specs on their bodies as do “Morgellons” patients.

It explains why 100% of targets have this infection whether they realize it or not.

It explains why targets seem to have crystal-like substances on their skin
You get this crusty, crystal-looking biomass.” - Smithsonian

It explains why the more a target cleanses their body of metals and uses anti-fungals, the more their symptoms subside.

It explains the weird pigment issues on the skin that targets deal with.

It explains some of the physical symptoms that targets have (such as shaking, and the rigid face)

As I study this more, I will be adding more to this. I believe this is the turning point in understanding what exactly is sensitizing us and making us different from, say, our neighbor or roommate.

Take care. And always think logically! 

Reference images are below. 

An artist's rendering of electricity moving through mold that has created Manganese Oxide - 

An example of the target shaped floaters people see. Not the "bug"..the small TARGETS -

An example of this particular mold -