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The title of this blog is the title of a video I put up on YouTube on January 13, 2017. In the video, I detailed how you can remove a blood infection / fungal infection from your body that acts like an antenna / glue. It allows particles in the enviornment to stick to your body and then be covered up by layers and layers of invisible, skin-looking film. These ferromagnetic particles (some call them nanos) are responsible for electronic harassment symptoms. This simple system is the sensitizer that makes the body sensitive to electromagnetic signals. 

100% of Targeted Individuals have this infection. 100% of targets that I have worked with personally have this infection. After I got this stuff off my skin, 100% of my targeting symptoms went away. This is not a joke. 100% of my symptoms are gone. I made myself the "white rabbit" for this. I bled and cracked for it, I lost sleep for it, I obsessed for it, I spent weeks feeling like I had 3rd degree burns all over my body from trying different things. After enough research and hands on experiments, I figured out what it was and what it was doing. I'm passing this information to you. I'm always doing more experiments to find new things and figure out ways to end these issues faster. So please consider donating here - DONATE HERE

Here's the video -

The particles you will find within this film can be - 
Red Specks
Blue Specks
Black specs that look like pepper
Short, Black, wiry fibers
clear / white fibers that resemble fiberglass
Other particles can be found as well. Document what you find when doing the treatment

Skin may look dark in areas due to being infested with these particles. It may look like a dark tan, a bruise on the elbow, dark spots on hips, feet, etc. 




Quit using laundry detergent and always use a dryer

EPSOM SALT - You will bathe with at LEAST five cups of epsom salt in the bath every day. You MUST stay in for at LEAST 30-40 minutes. Keep the water as hot as you can stand it. If you can afford to use more Epsom, do it. While in the tub, rub your shins, legs, sides and all other parts of your body with your hands. Usually, between 4 to 7 days, you will start to peel from the baths. It will resemble a sunburn. This is the first sign that this practically invisible fungus/glue/film which has been on your for years is starting to break up. Don't stop. Keep taking the baths and washing this off. Use something so that the tub drains slowly. Collect what is in the tub (gross, right?). You want to analyze it with a magnifier or jeweler's loupe. You will see what is trapped against your real skin by the layers of this stuff. Now you are on your way to ridding yourself of your symptoms. 

BORAX - Use it in your laundry, use a cup in the shower to wash with. You can mix it with Palm Olive anti-bacterial dish soap with L-Lactic acid. You can also drink BORAX/BORON. It's an anti-fungal and pulls things from the system. Only use a teaspoon or two in 32 ounces of water. The truth about Borax is that it's only slightly more toxic than table salt. 

BAR SOAP - If you need to use soap, use old school original Dial soap. Made with Lye. 

PALM OLIVE antibacterial dish soap with L-Lactic Acid. Use it on dishes, in the
shower and as a way to shock this stuff. If you put this on a troubled area and just let it sit there, it will start to dry up and harden. 2-5 days later, if it is bad enough, it can break off in shards. I've included a picture from when I was first treating myself. That broken stuff is the film. My real skin is underneath. That's my armpit. I knew there was something on my skin. But no one else could see it. After I killed that spot, I never got another twitch, thumping, pulsing, zap or vibration in that area again. Same goes for the rest of my body. Hot photo, right?

LIME SULPHUR DIP. It's a fungicide. You mix 4 ounces to a gallon of water. Spray it on yourself. In the shower is good. Get yourself as soaked and water logged as you can in the shower or bath...then spray it on everywhere. You can use it in the tub as well or use it WHILE you are in the shower too. 

Weaker / Sleep with it on kind of stuff - 

HONEY - Works on the face and everywhere else at night. Good to sleep with. 

VICK'S VAPOR RUB - Contains oils that break this fungus down. Not so hardcore...but good to sleep with.


BENTONITE CLAY - It's a liquid clay. You drink it with water. This stuff is amazing. It acts like a magnet a draws all of this stuff out of the gut. Worth it's weight in gold. Use it everyday. The first week may make you a little sick...but after that, it's just like drinking milk or anything else. 

ORGANIC APPLE CIDER VINEGAR - Drink a shot or more every day. 

POTASSIUM IODIDE (Iodine) Pills or Drops - Use them. I use the drops daily as maintenance. 

POTASSIUM IODIDE POWDER - GRADE KI - TO MAKE SATURATED SOLUTION OF POTASSIUM IODIDE (SSKI) - This is the killer. You will use this to treat Sporotrichosis or Lymphatic Sporotrichosis which is part of the fungal infection you have. Research how to treat Sporotrichosis with Potassium Iodide. You will get your dosages there. This is the assassin that takes care of this infection for good. You will just do maintenance after this. However, it's always good to either use a little or keep some around just in case. 

MAGNESIUM - Take a good magnesium supplement. 

MULTIVITAMIN - GET A GOOD MULTIVITAMIN - A good chewable would be best considering everything else that we're pushing through our system.

Vitamin B - All you can get 

SUN CHLORELLA - Single celled algae superfood with a split cell wall. Tastes like fish food smells. But is excellent for you. Regenerates you. My Mom introduced me to it when I was a kid. She was ahead of her time. 

OIL OF OREGANO - Kills this stuff dead on the inside. Take geltabs. They can be popped with a needle and used on troubled spots of the skin. 

POTASSIUM ASPOROTATE - Get capsules. Take a couple a day. 

BORON PILLS and/or BORON BORAX - Wonder mineral. Even pulls heavy metals and flouride from as deep as your bones. But the main reason is that this is a fungicide. Use it. Contrary to popular belief, Borax is only slightly more toxic than table salt. So you can take it right out of the box too. Just don't over-do it. 

KEEP YOUR MOUTH CLEAN - Gargle with mouthwash. Gargle with borax. Just a little. Don't over-do this stuff. Trust me. I've bled and suffered for these experiments. Over-doing it doesn't speed anything up. You'll just get sicker from the Herx reaction. 

I'll keep adding to this. I'm also working on new things constantly and working on a test that can show that someone is targeted. Yes, a physical test. 

Post your comments and post your progress below. Also, I won't argue this topic on this page. I will just ignore or delete the comment. This is for moving forward. I don't care if this doesn't fit into your current belief system. For the rest of you - Rock it out! Enjoy 2017 by sticking it to the pricks and jacking up their program! The whole thing just brings a smile to my face!

We have keywords. They are - 

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  1. This is very interesting. I have a question, but first I will just give a few details . I have been targeted for 13 years now. There was a period of about 4 consecutive years( 2007-2011) where I had nearly no symptoms. After listening to your videos it dawned on me that during those 4 years I had been on the acne medication Acutane. I did 4 rounds of treatment, each for 6 to 8 months in length.It is the only medication thatactually cures acne , but sometimes it takes multiple rounds.It is a very potent and complicated medicine that has many effects on the skin, most notably , it shrinks all of your oil glands to a very very small size, so the whole time you have to cover yourself with moisturizer and use eye drops . I just read that it has been used to treat ring worm.
    Perhaps those 4 years of Acutane killed this fungus. Check out the wiki article on it. Let me know what you think. I'm seriously thinking about trying your method.
    My symptoms came back in early 2011.

  2. What the fuck is this crap? This is #Disinformation. And why the fuck does John above me taking this shit seriously?

    1. Have you even tried it? I have and v2k has almost gone. Weapons pointed at our heads is the real disinfo lol

  3. Thank you for this post. It makes absolute sense to me and you mentioned almost every one of my seemingly unrelated symptoms and connected them to a single cause. I started your treatment protocol last night. As for must be on the wrong post.

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    3. Skyking I agree with you then to he might just be a here trying to get info to see if this treatment will work and what to do next on his victim,

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  5. Hello Charle..? I am very interested in your cleansing routines, a friend of mine told about me similar remedies... Also an Epsom salt fast by taking it internally... Though I am experiencing massive amounts of "street theater" and "Gang stalking" in multiple states, as well as drugging(multiple times) and what I believe to poisoning... As for "electronic harassment" severe itching on my forearm and bicep, and intense induced dreams, and severe agitation... The actual in person harassment in my case, seams to be much worse than the electronic... I think it is because I am much more exposed, no job and no apartment... Any ideas..?

  6. hi Charlie Thank you THANK YOU!!! I have gone through this for almost 4 years the person who started this was military and there were times when I sat outside below him I felt like something was dripped on me some kind of liquid I couldn't wash off it was dripped om my hats landing by my ears on my back on the top of my head ..... but what you just described just put everything in perspective for me and shed some new light on the subject since my downstairs neighbor is the culprit. I will be using this treatment beginning now.

  7. Another useful thing that may already be on your site somewhere is tooth powder.
    2 tbsp. Baking Soda
    2 tbsp. Bentonite Clay
    1/2 tbsp. Sea Salt
    You can add peppermint oil or other herbs for fresh breath. Peppermint is antimicrobial. I don't use flavoring. Especially stay away from sweetener. You can look it up and find many different recipes. But this is nice and cheap.

  8. Hi there, I have a few questions if you could help clarify a few things so I could get your same result and be free of this. I would so greatly appreciate it. Thank you so much.

    -How much did you take and for how long before your symptoms minimized and eliminated?

    -How often did you take it internally?

    -What brand did you use?
    -Did you wash off after some time or did you let it sit on your body until it dried?

    -What brand did you use?
    -Could you share the proportions you took?
    -How often did you take internally, daily/weekly?

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    2. Oops that was meant for somewhere else... I started off with a low dose of potassium iodide and have been upping it more and more it seems like the more the better I'm fixing to start with a half a teaspoon three times a day and I don't think it matters what brand but I'm using prescribed for life from Amazon

  9. Plus hydrogen peroxide while brushing your teeth and squeezed one lemon with little bit of baking soda in half glass of room temp sparkling water before breakfast!

  10. I'm only doing some of the stuff so far and already feeling better! I have the rest of the stuff coming in tomorrow! I was already on the right path but this is setting me over the top! thank you thank you thank you :-) My sinuses and brain fog are clearing up! I can't wait to see what the rest is going to do for me! For those who are in doubt about trying this course of action I say what is the harm in trying? If I can work for him and work for me it may work for you!

    1. Ms Shelly can you PLEASE tell me where you got Potassium and other products.My God won't even let us suffer alone. Thanks so much.

    2. Ms Shelly can you PLEASE tell me where you got Potassium and other products.My God won't even let us suffer alone. Thanks so much.

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  12. I'm starting this protocol for my severe eczema. It's been getting worse for the past 4 years or so, I'm not sure if it's because I'm targeted or what but I've tried a lot of stuff and nothing works. Thank you for the write up I have a feeling this is gonna work

  13. Hi Charlie,

    So far, I've been doing the Epson Salts baths while I wait for the mail for the other supplements to use. Incredibly, Epsons, alone, has so far lessened the severity of the symptoms. Thus, I’m driven to tell you and your readers how to save a little money on the Epsons Salts.

    I'm originally from Denver, and there is an old fashioned bathhouse in Lakewood, CO, called Lake Steambaths. They have Lady's days and Men's days. The sauna is HUGE and driven by old-fashioned boilers--I know because I was friends with the plumber who knows how to fix all of the old stuff. Anyway, because the bath is segregated to old-fashioned mono-sexed days, you are expected to run around in sheets in the lunchroom and nude in the steam/sauna/jacuzzi facility. For $10 they offer a salt scrub--after you have showered, jacuzzied and steamed. It is done with Epsons. Then, you hit the sauna covered in Epsons Salts. Your body absorbs the stuff and you feel like a newborn baby after you cold shower, then shower off!

    Ah well, I'm no longer there, so what I do is fill my tub with HOT water, then I sink down into it and wet my entire body. Then, I take a couple handfuls of Epsons and massage it into my scalp, face (careful not to get in the eyes) and upper body, down to my knees. I sit on the edge of the tub for a few minutes (Coated w/Epsons and steaming—looking like a sugar doughnut!), then, finally, I sit down into the tub and scrub my calves and feet. I would estimate that I use, maybe 2.5 cups of Epsons. Once I sink down into the tub, I still have it on my scalp. Then, finally, I submerge, and rinse it out of my hair for a final shampoo.

    I think you’re on the right track. What you have to say falls in line with the chemtrails debacle and, also may explain why so many microbiologists mysteriously died.

  14. Hi Charlie,

    I am a retire 68 year old carpenter/roofer, who lives in a heavily irradiated area of easterm Arizona. I have a whistleblower Youtube site with 500 videos that I’ve been posting for 4 years. It to me years to admit to myself that I am being targeted, both generally and specifically but I have faced the fact within the past year or so. Although I have the blotchy pealing skin and arthritis symptoms too, the main issue has been the headaches which began as an occasional thing some years ago and has gradually increase in both frequency and intensity to the point that I am never without at least a mild head ache, day and night, and more and more often they grow toward migraine levels of pain. I have finally faced the fact that I am hit no only with generalize Elf waves (that everybody gets) but at leasr one Directed Energy Weapon as well. There are many weird things about the head aches, which I have tried all kinds of things to isolate and eliminate, but perhaps the strangest of them all is the fact that I almost never get them on Wednesdays. I can only guess that perhaps the that is the D.E.W. operators day off.

    At any rate, one of my youtube viewers was kind enough to post a link to one of your videos (accompanied by almost no info) and I was intuitive enough to check it out. I was immediately impressed with your research and conclusions, so I went out the next day and virtually bought everything on your list EXCEPT for 3 items. BAR SOAP, PALM OLIVE, and LIME SUPLPHUR DIP. My reasoning is because I have not used any kind of soap for anything for more than 40 years. Why? Because instead I have been cleaning dishes, laundry, house, and skin with Shaklee’s Original Basic - H cleaner for over 4 decades. I don’t know how much you know about this product so I will attach some info for you. It’s 100% organic surfactant, ph balanced for the skin, and is a derived from fruits & vegetables, and makes water 100 times wetter. It dissolves oil, cleans pours deeply and is antibacterial. It is also an organic soil conditioner that the Amish have used for generations to revitalize “dead soil.” A

    At any rate. This is my first day of using the products you recommended and I already got INSTANT relief from a very bad headache only 2 minutes after taking the Potassium Iodide. Wow! Guess I needed that desperately. So I am writing to thank you for all you’ve done with this subject and will keep you posted on my progress.

  15. I've heard and researched a few of your suggestions elsewhere. I've used the borax+peroxide+water to treat a dog skin condition (mange) with as much success as a store bought treatment.

    Request your opinion: There is a EPA heavy metal nuclear waste Superfund "westlake landfill" in my community that affects the kids the most/fastest (cancer cluster). Do you feel your digestable suggestions would help rid the internal toxins? One of the Heavy metals mimmicks Potasium in the body as it digests it. Peace. We have to save ourselves the Government is failing us. Scotty

  16. I listened to your message for the first time today. I had a flashback to something I did over a year ago and thought it odd. I always take a bath in Epsom salts. I have for years. Well I purchased a bar of Turpentine Soap and decided to use it one night while soaking in my epsom salt bath. Immediately I saw what looked like a good skin exfoliation but it happened so quickly I thought that the bar of soap had fibers in it. The tub was hard to clean. It was very sticky. I did not use it again until I heard your video. Again tonight the skin seemed to rub off me.
    I am not sure if turpentine soap always worked like this but thought perhaps you would like evaluate in your research.

    Thank you for your detailed analysis.

  17. Hey Katie, please let me know if you have more experience on this. I have both products at home but have never combined them..! Thx Neil

    1. Well it seems to work well for me. I bath every night in Epsom salts and since adding the turpentine soap the exfoliateion has decreased immensely. So much residue coming off in the beginning and much less now. I am going to continue to use it. I did buy one of those plastic weave soap dishes to put the soap bar on so it does not dissapate as quickly. Because it is all natural and made without binders it gets soft very quickly. I must say too, my skin is so much softer.

      Keep up the good work. Thank you for all your research. Greatly appreciated.

    2. Thx Katie, will get back to this now ..everything else is working great for me just got away from the epsom ...

  18. Charlie how much bentonite clay should I start with? And how much to drink?this shit paralyzed my feet can I do anything for that?

    1. The morgellons paralyzed my feet and really messed me up is there anything I can do for my feet to get the feeling back?

  19. Hi Charlie, five years already i am a target individual from germany, meaby more. The symtoms have destroy my family, my company and a lot of my life. I have read and try allthings what i can find but no result. Now i have seen your video and i know allthings what you tell is true and i understand now. I will do allthings what you tell soon and i am sure this can help me. Thank you for this.
    I will tell you one thing more what i get to know, how to kill the fibers and put it out from body.
    Everyday eat a lot of seaweed together with seasalt and brown rice. People they know what happen do this and the fibers can not stay in body. Good Luck for everybody

  20. Thank you for your work and research I already shared the video today and tagged a dear friend that suffers from tinnitus,and im going to try the protocol on myself as well,I don't have any obvious symptoms except on my scalp,that a doctor told me had to do with sweat glands,I live in Phoenix Arizona and they bomb us like bugs here,again thank you so much...

  21. Thank you for your work and research I already shared the video today and tagged a dear friend that suffers from tinnitus,and im going to try the protocol on myself as well,I don't have any obvious symptoms except on my scalp,that a doctor told me had to do with sweat glands,I live in Phoenix Arizona and they bomb us like bugs here,again thank you so much...

  22. Hey ur video has finally given my husband and I a real answer to what we r experiencing. We r committed to getting rid of it and its nice to know ur help us and others suffering from this awful treatment! Thank u for making this video